Books I’ve Reviewed (list)

Ironjaw's book review

My reviews are personal and not conventional in the strictest sense containing interesting tidbits that help me remember the key points with some fun.

I keep my book reviews at a strict 150 words: A couple of sentences on the story and the rest, if possible, on the production. Production details, revisions, editions, translations, publications and illustrations matter a lot to me than a review of the story. I keep this and further information under the “Comments” section in my catalogue. I rate books up to 5 stars.

Oh and another thing: I don’t read bad reviewed books:

“Life’s too short for bad literature.”

I keep myself to the classics, non-fiction, history, biography and anything on Ancient Greece and Rome. That’s why I trust the Folio Society with their selection. But as I read a lot, I keep my reviews short. I would rather use my time reading.

Below is a list of the respective reviews. Enjoy:

— Reading in 2017 —
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