My new B&O BeoSound Ouverture

ouverture_8 BeoSound Ouverture was manufactured between 1994 – 2003. Designed by David Lewis it replaced the Beocenter 2500 in 1994 and comprised a CD player and cassette recorder, Stereo FM and AM radio with connections for Power Link and (later) MasterLink. This product was born with two names: BeoSound Ouverture in Europe and BeoSound 4000 for the rest of the world. My second Bang and Olufsen product is the BeoSound Ouverture (the first was B&O BeoCenter 1 that I blogged about earlier). The Ouverture is really a beauty and they are dead cheap second hand. The one I acquired is black and not purple unfortunately. I also managed to find a B&O CD stand that was specifically made for the BeoSound  Ouverture/2500/3000/3200 and it works very well to hide my CD collection. Not sure what the official name of the stand is. It’s the same one in the picture above but in grey.

8d71-e8d8-4d3d-8dad-e6f493838eb6 ouverture_7 I’m so happy that everyone’s gone over to digital streaming, Spotify, Wimp and all that; it suits me fine. I don’t really care for streaming; it’s because you don’t really own the music you’re playing – you pay to lease it and when you cancel your subscription, your collection and albums that you’ve meticulously used hours to find, favourite and save gets wiped out in seconds. And what’s the point of streaming over the internet – the bitrate is much lower compared to a physical CD. Like books and physical things there is something wonderful about CDs, to takes things slow, browse your CD collection, contemplate, choose, open, insert and press play. I don’t have any speakers yet. I’m still looking on acquiring a second hand set of Beolab 6000 speakers but they’re expensive and I’m waiting for the right price. A cheap price that is! But everything is slowly gathering pace.


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