FS Limited Edition of The Duke’s Children to be published 2015 @foliosociety #Trollope

Now this is the kind of exciting news I’ve been waiting to hear. ‘First Complete Edition’ of Trollope’s The Duke’s Children. This will be no brainer. I will have to get this. Just need to know the price.

From The Folio Society: “Our limited edition of The Duke’s Children will be available from March 2015”

To accompany the first complete edition of The Duke’s Children, we have commissioned essays from those closely involved in the restoration project; these are printed in a separate commentary volume. The essays consist of:

  • An introduction by Steven Amarnick, telling the whole story of the book and its restoration, and illuminating the effect of the restored passages on our understanding of the book.
  • A detailed listing of the principal cuts by Robert F. Wiseman, with observations on the different types of cuts employed by Trollope and their significance.
    An essay by Susan Lowell Humphreys on the manuscript itself, and what it tells us about Trollope’s working methods.
  • Contextual notes by Michael G. Williamson on key issues and institutions: fashion, customs and etiquette; the position of women; parliament and the political process; sports and pastimes; gentlemen’s clubs. Also a comprehensive index of characters, cross-referenced with the rest of the Trollope canon.

You can read more at The Folio Society website here


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