A delivery from Hatchards

Receiving a package from Hatchards – the oldest book shop in the UK – is ultimately a very joyous occasion in the household. Just getting a glimpse of the Hatchards logo puts a smile on my face. As already mentioned I love their tank-style packaging; and I can safely relax knowing that my books will be delivered without bumps or crushed corners, compared to let’s say another popular online book retail seller, sharing its name with the largest river in South America that insists on shipping out heavy books in wafer-thin packaging.

Though its sad that Hatchards has discontinued its online shop (for reasons unknown – I did ask them directly why) and thus the possibility to conveniently order online for a person like me living abroad (I used to check daily what new books had come up under the menu “Signed & First Editions”), I finally took the chance to call them up to ask about Peter Ackroyd’s newest book, the third volume of Civil War: The History of England as I’ve bought the earlier two signed first editions from them. So I made my reservation and also ordered Stephen Fry’s More Fool Me: A Memoir, signed limited edition.

I’m happy now



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