A L I E N – 35 years on

It was some sort of giant, mottled egg. There it levitated, floating in pitch darkness, with a V-shaped crack at the base. An unholy yellow-green gas spilled out brightly from this crevice, looking like something you wouldn’t want to inhale, on this or any other planet. Below it, there was a floor of sorts, a latticed grill made of some unhealthy-looking, bonelike material, and a little of that same poisonous light reared up at the back.

The title – A L I E N – announced itself in stark, white-on-black Arial typeface, with an unusual amount of space between the letters. And the tagline, matter-of-factly punctuated and lower-case between egg and floor, was the stuff of genius: “In space no one can hear you scream.”

So writes Tim Robey, The Telegraph. Read more: Alien: the perfect film poster


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