Dickens 2012

Next year, marks the bicentenary of Charles Dickens’ birth–February 7th, 1812, and we’re joining in for the fun to celebrate ye olde Dickens’ 200th birthday. There is a website up marking the celebration: Dickens 2012, which explains that:

Dickens 2012 is an international celebration of the life and work of Charles Dickens which will take place to mark the bicentenary of his birth, which falls on 7 February 2012. A number of international institutions and organisations are partners of Dickens 2012 who work together to deliver a programme of events and activities to commemorate this very special anniversary

Numerous events are planned world-wide and can be seen under the “Events” page. Make sure to check out the Charles Dickens Museum. Oh and do remember to read his novels!

On another yet similar note, The Folio Society are also commemorating Dickens’ bicentenary of his birth and have recently published a selection of new editions of his works, based on the celebrated 1930s Nonesuch editions and featuring original illustrations by artists including Dickens’s long-term collaborator ‘Phiz’. Each volume includes an introduction specially commissioned from an esteemed writer, such as A. N. Wilson and Peter Ackroyd.

They also feature individual new binding designs all quarter-bound in buckram, with a quote from the novel blocked in gold on the front. These are large books at 10″ × 6½” (25,4 cm x 16,5 cm). The text is based on their earlier Folio Society Nonesuch editions (which are based on the famous 1930s Nonesuch Press editions), that were published some years earlier.

The Folio Society Pickwick Papers (2011), Introduced by A. N. Wilson. 928 pages – £36.95.

The Folio Society Great Expectations (2011), Introduced by D. J. Taylor. 496 pages – £29.95.

The Folio Society Christmas Books (2011), Introduced by Robert Douglas-Fairhurst. 512 pages – £29.95.

The Folio Society David Copperfield (2011), Introduced by Kathryn Hughes. 976 pages – £36.95.

The Folio Society Bleak House (2011), Introduced by Peter Ackroyd. 976 pages – £36.95.


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