Renewal Offer 2012

Yesterday, I wrote about the Folio Society announcing their new publishing year 2011-2012 with an array of 26 amazing new books. As part of this years renewal, the following renewal offer or free gift, i.e., FS’s way of saying: “Our thank you gifts for your continued support” is:

  • The Earth: An Intimate History by Richard Fortey
  • A History of the World in 100 Objects by Neil MacGregor
  • Year Round Things To Do
  • The Folio Diary 2012

Worth £100.85 offered for free to members who renew this year. I am not acquainted with these books but I always look forward to receiving the Folio Diary; I use it every year and just love it. These diaries which the FS published every year are finely made and just absolute gems.

* * *

On another note, some of you who are new to the FS, might notice that when visiting the FS Website for the first time, those newly published 26 books I wrote about yesterday are nowhere to be found. Well there is a very good explanation for this: These books are offered to current members as a selection of which they can choose at least 4 books from in exchange to renew their membership.

New members cannot choose from this list as they are directed to a special homepage presenting them with Joining Offers, i.e., books heavily discounted, offered at at nominal fee to entice new members to join the Society. These joining offers are actually really great and an excellent way to become acquainted with the FS. The Andrew Lang’s multicoloured Fairy Books being one of the most sought after by members and on eBay. Some however, do see these joining offers with caution, believing the FS to be some sort of dubious 80s book club. Rest assured this is not the case – far from it.

The FS membership works in the way that once you have chosen a joining offer that your happy with, you agree in return to buy 4 books in 4 weeks from the time of delivery of the joining offer. As long as all the members commit to buy at least 4 books every year the Society has a steady income and believe me a lot of members buy many more books than the minimum 4 books required as part to fulfill ones membership. When the seasonal sales are introduced there is almost an unbelievable frenzy amongst members to send in orders. Some sales are 50% off, others include a free book set. 

An introduction and how membership works as well as the membership benefits coming soon in another post. So look out!


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