Rockwell Kent (1882 – 1971)

You might have noticed that I am big fan of Rockwell Kent (1882 – 1971). Actually I justified joining the London based fine book publisher Folio Society to acquire their limited edition publication of Herman Melville’s Moby Dick, illustrated by Rockwell Kent. (Left: Workers of the World Unite, 1937, Wood engraving)

Carleton College Gould Library 2003 Gallery Exhibition on “American Scenes Between the Wars: The Fine Print” provides this description:

Born in Tarrytown, New York, Rockwell Kent’s artistic education included architecture studies at Columbia University, painting at the Shinnecock School, and printmaking under artists of the Ashcan School. While most famously a landscape painter and printmaker, Kent was also a political activist. Kent created prints for politically charged magazines and contributed illustrations for American literary classics including Moby Dick.

Above: From Folio Society Moby Dick Limited Edition, 2009,
Below: Folio Society Moby Dick Limited Edition, 2009, Book and Solander Box

Above: From Moby Dick, Random House, 1930
Stamp issue year: 2001
2001 USPS All rights reserved. Used by permission of Plattsburgh State Art Museum, Rockwell Gent Gallery & Collection, Plattsburgh, NY


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