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I love the feeling of receiving letters, faxes, and packages. Yes, I am old-school, but there is something about receiving an item or letter with your printed name as the addressee—and I not talking about traditional commercial advertisements, offers and the lot (what is equivalent to modern day e-mail spam; a clarification for ‘youtube generation’ out there). Yes, I find myself in a comical situation, as the only letters I receive lately are bills and outstanding payments, yet they are being phased-out with internet banking.

With these modern technological advanced times, I feel more inclined to slow down than to speed up. You have probably heard of the notion that the Internet is making us dumb, depleting our concentration when reading, causing us to skim. This has caused slight concern to many.

Nevertheless, while the Internet is still here to stay and very much important, I like to log-off the virtual world sometimes (vividly pondering over the mid-90 modem internet connection sound of ‘handshaking‘) to smell the fresh air, experience the rain soaking me through and the cold breeze of Scandinavia penetrating deeply to the bone. Life is sure beautiful. Alas, the Internet is not all bad, except the fake rolex and viagra e-mails spamming my account, shopping on-line especially abroad is a god-send and thanks to Amazon US and UK, I can do so in the comfort of my 2 bedroom palace and wait delivery of my order and the exorbitant Danish import duties, VAT and additional inflated fees charged by my resident State and Post Denmark mail company, charged probably to pay for the management’s Cayman Island stress relief course. Norwegians are clever, their government do not charge VAT on imported books to promote more education. If that only could happen in Denmark.

All touchy feelings aside, when a package arrives, I am all cheerful and dandy—especially so when it’s Tony Blair’s A Journey that pre-ordered Friday, August 13th.


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