Tony Blair’s A Journey [update]

Well, as you might have noticed there is a lot of controversy surrounding Tony Blair’s latest memoirs – A Journey, even before publication set at 1 September 2010. The Book-signing event in Waterstone’s Piccadilly on 8 September 2010 has sparked a lot of negative comments and now with the generous donation to the British Legion (here and here), the memoir has topped the Bestseller chart on pre-order on

Yours truly, being a great fan and admirer of Tony Blair has already pre-ordered last week Friday, the 13th – A Journey from Amazon.

Unfortunate events do present themselves, nevertheless it was the right decision to invade and liberate Iraq from an oppressive regime. It is worrying when a small number of the public are calling him a  “liar” and a “war criminal”. Being Prime Minister means being sometimes in an unfortunate situation when you have to take a decision on a stance and stick with it for better or worse. That is called leadership. Tony Blair still stands by his decision and I believe it was the right decision to take. I applaud him. We should all move on. Blair once remarked “I can only go one way. I haven’t got a reverse gear.”

Update: Event Cancelled (here)
We regret to announce that Wednesday’s signing with Tony Blair has been cancelled. We apologise for any inconvenience.

A limited number of signed copies will be available at Waterstone’s Piccadilly from 9am, Thursday 9th September, on a first come, first served basis, one copy per customer.


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