Folio Society publishes 6 new books

The Folio Society has published 6 new books and they are right now giving 20% off the published price (prices quoted here are the original):

The Hunting of the Snark
Lewis Carroll

Lewis Carroll’s The Hunting of the Snark is an exhilarating mock-epic journey on the high seas of nonsense. The Bellman sets off in search of the mysterious Snark, supported by the Broker, the Banker, the Barrister and other characters beginning with B.
Price: £32.95
104 pages. See more here

London Characters and Crooks
Henry Mayhew

The most fascinating work of oral and documentary history ever written about Victorian London, and an influence on many writers, most notably Dickens.
Price: £44.95
560 pages. See more here

The Lost World 
Arthur Conan-Doyle

When journalist Edward Malone begs for an exciting assignment abroad to prove himself to his sweetheart Gladys, he is told, ‘The big blank spaces in the map are all being filled in, and there’s no room for romance anywhere.’ Yet this is not the view of the hot-headed and unconventional Professor Challenger, who has evidence of an undiscovered region in South America where dinosaurs and other creatures from the prehistoric era survive.
Price: £24.95
224 pages. See more here

The Monk
Matthew Lewis

One of the most shocking novels of the late-18th century, now considered a classic of Gothic horror fiction. It tells of Ambrosio, a stern and saintly abbot, who is led astray by a young woman who enters his monastery disguised as a boy.
Price: £24.95
352 pages. See more here

Pagans and Christians
Robin Lane Fox

There have been numerous books on the subject of paganism and early Christianity, but this is the first major work in English to set both side by side and explain how one gave way to the other. In his brilliant narrative, Robin Lane Fox confirms the enduring importance of the pagan religion in the ancient world.
Price: £99.95
920 pages in total. See more here

Pliny: A Self-Portrait

The lawyer and magistrate Pliny the Younger (AD 61-112) left behind a correspondence that gives insight into an extraordinary life at the height of the Roman Empire.
Price: £24.95
252 pages. See more here


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