Bookplates – Ex Líbrís

I have always been interested in bookplates—I really love their designs. While it is almost certainly sacrilegious to even mention a rare fine press book and a bookplate in the same sentence, for your non-valuable books, it surely is a nice personal mark of ownership and ego-boost-mania. Yes the I-am-better-than-you notion. And nothing does it better than a bookplate—not an ordinary aneamic ex líbís one, but a fully-blown classic designer-heaven from BookplateINK.

Their bookplates are printed on high quality, acid-free, self-adhesive paper—so there is no messy glue to worry about—keeping your fine press editions safe. They can be personalized with your very-own 4-word sentence: Will sue for food.

Sol Justitiae was created by Dutch woodcut artist Thijs Mauve
in the 1950s for the Antioch Bookplate Company

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