Foyles wins Bookseller of the Year 2010

I am big fan of Foyles in London. I find the browsing experience wonderful. I must admit—if I am not mistaken—that I have never come across such a diverse catalogue of books anywhere in the UK—so that’s the reason why I always visit Foyles in Charing Cross Road first when I visit. The last time I was in London, I was looking for books about beginner French in the foreign languages section and to my surprise found 20 to 30 different books, including audiobooks in traditional CD format and language courses ready for the iPod, whereas in other leading high street bookshops you would expect to find at most 5 to 8 books devoted to one language. And sometimes to my dismay, they just carry language courses by Michel Thomas or Berlitz. And that’s not all, besides the standard French, Italian, German and if lucky Chinese that you usually expect—I was pleased to find Danish and other languages: Thai, Arabic, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Hindi, Urdu, Swahili, and I could go on.

So I was only naturally pleased to hear that Foyles won Bookseller of the Year in 2008 but really thrilled that they won again this year on at the Bookseller Industry Awards 2010.


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