The Letterpress Macbeth

Last week I finally received, with great anticipation—The Letterpress Macbeth published by The Folio Society. I bought it second hand but in ‘as new’ condition as it was not read but slightly leafed through, by a very kind and thoughtful private seller. I am really pleased. I was really worried about its large size but its quite comfortable and not that large as I had imagined. Here are some personal pictures provided by the seller—I cannot be bothered to take pictures (rolling on the floor and laughing out loud; abbreviations withheld).

The Folio Society describe their Letterpress Shakespeare series (20 out of 37 volumes are currently printed as of May 2010): The ultimate reading edition of Shakespeare’s greatest plays: presented in a buckram-bound solander box with a commentary volume that includes the text of the play with full explanatory notes. Individually numbered on a special limitation page. Read more about FS Letterpress Macbeth here.


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