Folio Society publishes Beowulf

  • Introduction by Seamus Heaney.
  • Illustrations by Becca Thorne.
  • Quarter-bound in leather with cloth sides.
  • Blocked with a design by the artist.
  • Set in Imprint. Gilded top edge.
  • 248 pages with borders throughout.
  • 14 integrated footer illustrations.
  • Decorated title page.
  • Book size: 11″ × 7¼”
  • Price: £79.95

The most famous and beautiful of all surviving Old English poems tells of the heroic deeds of Beowulf, a warrior and leader of the Geats, who travels to the land of the Danes to fight the monster Grendel and his lake-dwelling mother. After these epic encounters, he returns to his own land where he eventually becomes king and rules wisely. Yet fate is inescapable, and Beowulf must battle a third foe – the dragon.

Composed at some point between the mid-7th and late-10th centuries AD, Beowulf drew on an oral tradition that had been in existence for centuries, one with close connections to the Icelandic sagas

Read more at the Folio Society website here. Check Becca Thorne’s Blog for more pictures.


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